Junior Holstein Transfer Deadline is July 15

Junior Holstein Transfer Deadline is July 15

Holstein Association USA extended the Junior transfer “received by” deadline to July 15 for both heifers and cows in 2020. This new deadline for juniors will remain in place for the 2021 show season and beyond. To be eligible to participate in sanctioned Junior Holstein Shows, the July 15 deadline must be met.

A transfer deadline of July 15 aligns more closely with most of the other dairy breed associations. The extended deadline also allows Juniors an extra month and a half to purchase their show calves, providing additional marketing opportunities.

“We wanted to remind people that the Junior transfer deadline changed last year,” said Kelli Dunklee, youth programs specialist. “It is important to remember the change only impacts Junior Holstein Shows – 4-H and other youth shows may have different deadlines.”

This is a “received by” deadline – any ownership transfer not received by the Holstein Association USA office on or before July 15 will not be eligible for Junior Holstein Shows. Adding or dropping any owner after the deadline will disqualify an animal for Junior recognition. If there is a question as to whether a Junior ownership transfer has been completed, be sure to contact the Holstein Association USA customer service or visit www.holsteinusa.com to check the ownership status and ensure the transfer was received before the deadline.

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