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July All Milk Price Jumps to $22.30

The Wisconsin all milk price for July was $22.30 per hundredweight, according to the latest USDA Agricultural Prices report. That’s $2.80 higher than last month’s price and $3.50 higher than the same time a year ago.

The U.S. all milk price was $20.50 per cwt., $1.80 lower than Wisconsin’s price, but $2.40 higher than last month’s U.S. price. All of the 24 major milk producing states had a higher price when compared with June.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange 40-pound block cheese price closed at $1.82 per pound on August 28, while barrels were $1.43 per pound. The CME butter price was $1.44 per pound.

For the week ending August 22, the Agricultural Marketing Service U.S. weekly 40-pound block cheese price averaged $2.03 per pound, and 500 pound barrels adjusted to 38 percent moisture averaged $1.82 per pound. The U.S. butter price was $1.48 per pound.


Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection 

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