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Judges at the Holland Holstein Show 2018 announced

The HHH-show is the open National Holstein show in the Netherlands. The event is organized by volunteers and takes place at 7 and 8 December 2018. This 28th edition of the show will have a big variation of show items. On Friday the 7th, the Young Breeders will start with the clipping competition, followed by showmanship and the judging of the type classes. After the show of the young talents, the
Tulip Sale will take place.

At Saturday the 8th of December, the Holstein and Red Holstein Show will get started. An unique item on the agenda is the judging of herd collections, this is one of the few places where this takes place at national level. Another important item during the show is the presentation of progeny groups. The type competition of all categories will be judged by two judges with international allure! Both are dairy farmers with a lot of success as a breeder and great experience as a judge.

The Young Breeders-show starts with the clipping competition which will be judged by Barclay Phoenix and Tjebbe Huybrechts. Showmanship for juniors will be judged by Tjebbe while Barclay will judge the seniors and the type classes. Tjebbe Huybrechts from Belgium is currently working at CRV where he is responsible for international breeding information products. Tjebbe grew up at a dairy farm and after ending the farm he kept some calves. With these calves he had regional and national successes. In 2015 he won the heifer championship at the Night of Holsteins with his Gold Chip daughter Moesjamarra. As a judge Tjebbe is very experienced; The Night of Holsteins in Libramont, Denmark, Russia and the Koe-expo and NRM in the Netherlands are familiar with Tjebbe.

Barclay Phoenix will judge the conformation competition of the Young Breeders, the clipping competition and the senior showmanship as well as the Holsteins. Barclay owns the dairy farm ‘Phoenix Holsteins’ together with his dad in Greenbank, Ontario. The farm has 150 animals of which 70 are dairy cows. Last year the farm sold 190 animals. Barclay Phoenix has an impressive judging carrier: World Dairy Expo (2007), Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (2009), Jersey Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (2013) and last year at the Swiss Expo (2018).

The Red Holsteins will be judged by Cord Hormann from Warmsen, Germany. Cord owns the dairy farm ‘Wilcor Holsteins’ with this father. Besides farming, he works fulltime at Prismagen. Wilcor Holsteins has 50 Holstein cows with youngstock and is very successful in breeding famous Holstiens. Cord has also a carrier as a judged: North-Ireland, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland known Cord as a judge.

Having these judges at the Holland Holstein sHow is really an honor! Therefore, don’t miss this show and save the date; 7 and 8 December 2018 at the IJsselhallen in Zwolle!

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