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Judges Announced for the 2021 Holland Holstein Show

On Friday, November 26 and Saturday, November 27 2021, the Holland Holstein Show will be held in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle. We are proud that renowned judges worldwide are happy to judge at our show. We have again succeeded in attracting absolute top judges for this edition of the Holland Holstein Show.

Mark Nutsford is from Cheshire (UK) and with his wife Susan he owns Riverdane Holsteins, where they milk 230 cows. They showed their cows at many shows through the whole UK and won many titles. Mark has judged in more than 20 countries, with the European Holstein judging in Libramont 2019 as the highlight. In 2013, Mark judged the Red Holsteins at the HHH show as well as the conformation of the Young Breeders heifers.

Mark indicated that the HHH show is one of the top 3 shows he ever wanted to judge. This year he will judge clipping, showmanship and conformation at the Young Breeders show. On Saturday, he will put the Holstein cows in line. Mark is once again looking forward to the fantastic interaction with the audience, which he says is due to the fact that the best animals are lined up last.

Thomas Ender and his brother own Hellender Holsteins in Switzerland. A large part of the 35 Holstein and Red Holstein cows at Hellender are taken to shows regularly. In addition to the company at home, Thomas is part-time Chief classifier at the Swiss herdbook. He judged in several European countries and is now active in the Netherlands for the first time. On their own farm, they strive for balanced, typical, harmonious cows with excellent udders. Mark also looks for this in the cows that will be shown at the HHH show.

Albertine Racer Palthe runs dairy farm ‘Het Teussink’ in De Lutte together with her husband Gert-Jan and their 2 children. Her interest in Holstein breeding and the preparation of show animals originated in the USA during an internship at the former Indianhead Holsteins farm. She clipped animals for several European breeding companies and presented them at shows and auctions. Albertine was an instructor for the Dutch-speaking groups at the Young Breeders School in Battice (Belgium) for a number of years. She was one of the founders of the HHH Young Breeders. She judged a number of regional showmanship competitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Slovenia. Albertine is curious about the progression the Young Breeders have made and is especially looking forward to the juniors.

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