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Joleanna Holsteins has Excellent Classification Round

Joleanna Holsteins from Unadilla, NY finished out 2019 with a visit from the classifier and had some excellent results to share which includes 14 new VG 2-year-olds and 8 new Excellents!

Classification Highlights

Joleanna Crush Boomer VG-87
Joleanna Crush Bluestar VG-86
Joleanna Crush Pink VG-86
Joleanna Crush Starshine VG-86
Joleanna Crush Rapper VG-86
Joleanna Cap Gain Chip VG-85
Joleanna Cap Gain Freshmnt VG-85
Joleanna-way Beemer Layla VG-86
Joleanna Bailey Lola-red VG-85
Joleanna Delta Angie VG-85
Joleanna Sammy Coolcat VG-85
Joleanna Solomon Rio VG-85
Joleanna Vigilant Sassy VG-85
Joleanna Monterey Tara VG-85

New Excellents
Joleanna Day Janae EX-90 93ms @3-05
Joleanna Olympian Bluebell EX-90
Joleanna Chelios Gladiola EX-90
Joleanna Doorman Jaren EX-90
Joleanna Doorman Vigor EX-90
Joleanna Attorney Magnolia EX-90
Joleanna Solomon Starfall EX-90
Joleanna Corvette Topanga EX-90

Joleanna Dusk CatnHat now EX-94 95MS at 8-00!

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