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JLG Custom Services Acquires 5 Star Sires Bull Lineup

JLG Custom Services announces the acquisition of 5 Star Sires to the sire lineup at JLG Custom Services. This collaboration brings together a wealth of expertise and innovation to the Jersey industry.

Michael Heath and Jake Spatz’s vision of genetic selection approach, prioritized purebred, JX free cow families renowned for their excellence both in the show ring and the milk barn. With this strategic partnership, JLG Custom Services is dedicated to upholding and expanding upon Michael’s legacy, offering a diverse program that encompasses show ring excellence, top genomics, and the most esteemed cow families in the breed. The extensive selection of elite sires is now available for immediate access, enabling breeders to elevate their programs to new heights.

Experience the difference with “5 STAR SIRES” where cow families matter.

Visit the 5 STAR SIRES Facebook page here

Contact JLG Custom Services at 209.847.4797 today to secure your top sires and embark on a new era of Jersey genetics.

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