Jetstream Genetics releases No. 2 Red Carrier Sire – 534HO00030 SALSA RC – Cowsmo

Jetstream Genetics releases No. 2 Red Carrier Sire – 534HO00030 SALSA RC

534HO00030 Ri-Val-Re SALSA-ET RC comes to the top of the Red Carrier sire list, ranked No. 2 at +2396 GTPI and joins the elite sire line up at Jetstream Genetics. He is approved for U.S. orders only at this time.

SALSA RC is uniquely outstanding in a hard-to-beat combination of traits: Type +3.17, UDC +3.69, Fat +75, and +809 $NM. At 7.3 SCE he is an easy choice for heifers, and he excels in health traits, too: +6.5 PL, +1.4 DPR along with +2.41 SCS. CDN puts him at +3014 GLPI with +12 Conformation and +15 FL.

The pedigree for SALSA RC is filled with popular well-proven sires that have delivered for generations, with MacGuiness, Advent, Ranger and Factor. On the dam side, VG85 88MS at 2 years; the second dam is an EX90 Advent x the 3rd dam is VG88 DOM GMD Ranger that is over 16 years of age and still in the herd. This combination makes SALSA RC an outcross sire: no Oman, no Man-O-Man, no Lawnboy, no September Storm.

SALSA RC is available immediately in the U.S. and Canada. He is EU qualified and semen will be exported to all world markets in the next few weeks.

Contact your local Jetstream Genetics agent or contact us directly to assist you with your SALSA RC order and the complete line up of sires at Jetstream Genetics.

Online ordering for Jetstream sires is fast, easy and secure, delivered direct to the farm. Receive the shipments within two business days. To take advantage of this outstanding genetic opportunity, go to (Online ordering is available only in the U.S.).

For more information, go to: or call 1.855.4JETSTREAM (855-453- 8787). You may also contact Roger Turner at [email protected] or 608-770-0012.

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