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Jetstream Genetics Establishes Jetstream Genetics Australia

Jetstream Genetics Inc. is pleased to announce that Jetstream Genetics Australia will be the exclusive distributor for Jetstream Genetics in Australia. This change is effective July 1, 2023. The manager for this new brand will be based in Australia to build the partnerships with breeders and re-sellers.

The Jetstream portfolio offers breeders a wide array of sires, from breed-leading genomic sires backed by great cow families to some of the world’s highest type sires. Jetstream is also the home of some of the world’s best daughter-proven sires and Red genetics. The success of Jetstream sires in Australia is demonstrated with recent popular offerings like 534HO00049 IHG MONTANA-ET and 734HO00091 BGP YOLO-ET.

“The goal of Jetstream Genetics is to move genetics forward. Positioning ourselves in the Australian market as Jetstream Genetics helps us deliver on that goal with strong branding while providing the best genetics and services possible to our clients and re-sellers. The re-seller client in Australia is a significant component to the industry and we will align ourselves to work closely with them,” says Roger Turner, Global Sales and Genetic Manager for Jetstream Genetics.

Jetstream Genetics is part of the URUS family of companies, one of the largest and leading sources of high-quality genetics globally. For more information about Jetstream Australia or Jetstream Genetics, visit

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