Jersey's shine Ferme Guimo's Recent Classification

Jerseys shine at Ferme Guimo’s Recent Classification

Ferme Guimo from Quebec had some great results with their Jerseys and Holsteins when the classifier visited them last week!

Jersey Classification Highlights

  • Guimo Balin Barbie VG-86
  • Guimo Keith Jane VG-85
  • Guimo Rufus VG-85
  • Guimo Vandana Cendriella VG-85
  • Guimo Puritan Emy VG-85
  • As well they had 3 score 84 pts and 3 score 83 pts

2nd Lactation

  • Island Vivaldi Julie VG-88
  • Texas Joela VG-88
  • Guimo Joel Lysanna VG-87
  • Guimo Archer Lyssa VG-86
  • Royalty Ridge Joel Celebrate VG-86
  • Guimo Torpedo Janis VG-85
  • Guimo Arrival Ashley VG-85

3rd Lactation

  • Summum Vivaldi Ira EX-93 MS-94
  • Guimo Pappy Joy EX-91 MS-93
  • Guimo First Joany VG-87

4th Lactation plus

  • Guimo Nice Jany EX-92 2E
  • Guimo Allstar Esmerelda EX 2E
  • Guimo First Lily EX 3E

Holstein Classification Results

2nd Lactation

  • Guimo Graduate Pistachio VG-87

Other highlights

  • Guimo Corine Stanleycup EX-91 2E
  • Guimo Spiderman Kandy EX 3E
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