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Jersey Canada registrations and memberships soar in 2017

Joy, thanksgiving and excitement are key words to describe attitudes in Canadian Jersey circles! Outstanding 2017 results from Jersey Canada reflect incredible upward momentum for the breed. Over 2016, Jersey Canada experienced an 8.5% increase in memberships and a 7.5% increase in registrations! These increases led to the highest membership and registration total for Jersey Canada since 1965, fifty-two years earlier.

Jersey CanadaLeadership of the Guelph, Ontario based breed association attributes the phenomenal accomplishments to a bevy of reasons. “The Jersey cow of this era excels in efficiently producing high value milk and in adapting to modern management practices,” says Russell Gammon, Interim Manager of Jersey Canada.

President Tim Sargent commented on the hard work by staff and regional Jersey associations as another key contributor to historic success in recent decades. In addition, the expanding number of Jersey owners in all regions of the country see the crucial value of accurate, verified identification and the value-added component of registered animals.

Overall, activity levels are soaring as membership totals and registrations have both grown by 20.5% since 2014!

As exciting as 2017 year-end totals are, Jersey Canada forecasts that the best is yet to be – and the Canadian Jersey celebration continues at full force!

For more information visit or call Russell Gammon at 519-821-1020 (ext 102).

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