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Jersey Canada officially launching their strategic plan, “Jersey Impact: 2014-2016”

During the 2014 Annual General Meeting, the Jersey Canada Board of Directors was eager to officially launch the latest edition of our strategic plan, “Jersey Impact: 2014-2016.”

In keeping with our vision, “Canadian Jerseys: Efficiency. Profitability. Opportunity,” the latest edition of Jersey Impact focuses on promoting, developing, and maintaining the economic efficiencies of the Jersey breed in order to increase the market share of Jerseys in the Canadian dairy industry.

The aggressive goals outlined in Jersey Impact focus on six key priorities, namely: Education, Genetic Improvement, Marketing, Partnerships, Research, and Youth.

Jersey Canada’s mission has been reworked for 2014-2016: “To develop the Jersey breed in Canada by maintaining the integrity of the herdbook and providing tools to increase profitability.” This succinct statement clearly explains that we are here to ensure the accuracy and accountability of the Canadian Jersey herdbook, while providing excellent service and leadership to Jersey owners across the country, in order to grow the number of satisfied Jersey owners and Jersey registrations in Canada.

Jersey Impact will guide our committees, Board of Directors, employees, and membership over the next three years. We are excited to see where this strategic plan will take us!

To become familiar with Jersey Canada’s goals for 2014-2016 click here


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