Jersey Canada Launches New Website

Jersey Canada Launches New Website

Did you know that close to 50% of visitors that enter the Jersey Canada website do so from a mobile phone or tablet? And this number has been growing steadily for many years. Mobile technology has not only changed how we communicate, but how we navigate a website. As with any technology, sometimes it is necessary to make a change so it can be responsive and meet the needs of our members.

With this in mind, Jersey Canada is pleased to have partnered with Painted Robot and The Blondes to bring you a custom WordPress platform that brings you a modern site that is compliant to accessibility guidelines and is now responsive to your mobile device.

The site is live at Jersey Canada and we invite you to explore. The images displayed on the home-page reflect the top four pages that users typically visit all year round. The pictures on many of the inside pages could be your cows. They have been graciously shared by members or taken by Shawna Berry, Communications Specialist at Jersey Canada. The navigation will be similar to that of the previous site, but with obvious improvements to avoid onerous scrolling.

Can’t find what you’re after? Don’t forget to use our handy search bar, a new feature that didn’t previously exist. Some additional features include a prominent link to the most recent Jersey Breeder magazine and an email sign-up to have news come right to you! Please tell your cow crazy friends about this so they don’t miss out.

We will continue to have on-line advertising banners that show on every page and are hot-linked to additional information – this provides great value to advertisers. Please consider an on-line AD in 2019 as we will be booking space in the fall.

Lastly, please be patient as sometimes it takes time to iron out the kinks – and glitches are bound to appear!

Enjoy – this is for you!



Provided by: Jersey Canada

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