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Jersey Canada hires new Registrar & Bilingual Customer Service Agent

Jersey Canada is pleased to welcome Ruth McAlister to our team!  Ruth will serve as Registrar & Bilingual Customer Service Agent.  In this position, she will enter and verify all Jersey registration and ownership information, as well as exchange data files with our industry partners, and serve as “first line of contact” for many Jersey Canada clients.  Ruth has strong interpersonal skills, excellent attention to detail, and is completely bilingual, making her ideal for this position.

Ruth recently retired from teaching, and is excited to take on the unique demands of the Registrar & Bilingual Customer Service Agent position.  Ruth says that her most important attribute is a willingness to learn and work hard, and that she very much looks forward to contributing to the Jersey Canada team with energy and enthusiasm.

Ruth’s exceptional communication abilities, organizational skills, ability to multi-task and be flexible, and technical data entry skills make her an excellent addition to Jersey Canada.

Ruth will be available four days per week to address all of your registry needs.  You will find Ruth at the Registry Desk (extension 22) Monday-Thursday, 10:00am-4:30pm EST, beginning Monday, November 3, 2014.

Please join us in welcoming Ruth McAlister to the Jersey Canada Team!


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