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Jersey Canada AGM brings Jersey enthusiasts together

The Jersey Canada AGM was held in Westlock, Alberta from April 11-13th. An event that brought people together from all across Canada, all with the same interest in mind, the Jersey breed. It was apparent the first night at the meet-in-greet what a close group the members of the Jersey industry are. The evening was spent catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Friday morning, three buses were loaded and we took off through the beautiful countryside to visit our first stop at Skycrest Holsteins owned by Rob, Sue, Chad & Katelyn Crest. Entering the barn, you instantly can see the hard work and care that goes into their operation. An impressive tie stall barn that boasted some amazing cows. Walking into their barn office, it becomes even more apparent of their success. The wall is decorated with ribbons and banners showcasing their achievements from various shows.

The next stop on the tour was at Unique Valleystream Genetics, our hosts for the weekend. After a wonderful provided lunch, various awards were presented. A standing ovation was given as Lee Morey was presented with Jersey Canada’s Youth of Distinction award. Past Jersey Canada president Mathieu Larose from Ferme Laroselait was recognized as the recipient of the Jersey Young Achiever award.

After the awards had concluded, the tour of the farm began. As you enter the barn at Unique you are greeted with the farm slogan, “Unique…it’s more than a name…it’s an attitude!” The sign could not be more fitting for Dave, Tracy, Casey & Lee Morey. The passionate attitude they bring to their herd and the industry is something to marvel at and achieve for. To be surrounded by so many great cows as you walked through their immaculate barn was a great experience.

The next stop of the tour included a stop at the North Central Livestock Exchange located in Clyde, AB, where a tour was given of one of the largest facilities in North America. We then made our way over to the Canadian Tractor Museum, which was beyond impressive and a tractor fanatics dream.

Glenholm Jersey’s receiving their 2018 Master Breeder award at the 2019 Jersey Canada AGM.

The AGM commenced on Saturday, April 13th. The AGM was run with efficiency and included three presentations. Paul Meyer from Westgen, Larry Schirm from ABS Global and Russell Gammon presented great information to the members of the AGM. Various recipients were recognized during the meeting.

  • Steven Morin and Meghan Brosens were presented with Jersey Canada’s Next Generation Travel Bursaries.
  • Hollylane Jerseys was presented with the Hall of Fame Trophy
  • Ferma Bona was the reciepient of the President Cup for both Butterfat and protein.
  • Lone Pine Jerseys received an amazing 18 Hall of Fame Cow awards!

The Banquet was held later that evening, with everyone showing up looking their best. The atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed. Amongst the group of attendees of the AGM were 12 former Jersey Canada Presidents. Also in our company, was Dale Cole from Green Maple who received a standing ovation after receiving the Jersey Canada Distinguished Service Award. At the banquet, Glenholm Jersey’s was recognized and presented with the 2018 Master Breeder award. The Presidents Pin was presented to outgoing President Dave Morey by incoming President Patrick McDougall. Other awards that were presented included:

Jersey Young Achiever Award
Hoften Farms, Arjan Otten & Jessica Hoffman








Constructive Breeder Award
Pine Haven Farms Ltd., RJ & Jennifer Dillman








Constructive Breeder Award

Ferme Verjatin Holstein Inc. (Guillaume Dumais accepted the award on their behalf)

Honorary Life Member
Grant Cole






Honorary Life Member
Clanman Jerseys, Steven Smith








Certificate of Appreciation Posthumously
Harry Schipper. The award was accepted by his wife Grace and son Daryl.





A huge congratulations to all the recipients of these prestigious awards.

A big thank you to the Morey family for all the hard work that went in to organizing such a great event. The amount of effort and thought that went into planning such an event did not go unnoticed. This AGM truly was a representation of what the industry is all about and the amazing people that are in it!

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