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Jersey All-Britain Awards 2012

Nominations for the All-Britain Jersey awards have been announced!

Maiden Heifer
Erie Governer Georgeous I Morgan
Rapid Bay-UK Tequila R   Belle DR & VA Lawrence
Erie Rory Sombrero I Morgan
Potterswall Tequila   Lady Fleming Family
Saxown Excitation   Heidi The Saxby Family
Erie Grandprix   Radiance I Morgan
In Calf Heifer 
Rapid Bay- UK Jade Rumour James & Emma Strachan
Potterswalls Prides   Glamour Fleming Family
Glanmor Julian   Star Glanmor Jereys
Bluemoon Action   Blackberry Joshua Etteridge
Glanmor Ring   Icicle Glanmor Jereys
Potterswalls Excitation   Alisha Fleming Family
All Britain Junior In Milk   Heifer 
Elite Action Agnetta 2 J F Le Feuvre
Potterswall Glams   Elisha Fleming Family
Bayview Excitation   Osprey 3 GM & DJ Pye
Potterswall Action   Daisybelle Fleming Family
Glanmor Ring Money Glanmor Jerseys
Bayview Action   Spotty GM & DJ Pye
All Britain Senior In Milk   Heifer 
Potterswall Minister   Daisybelle Fleming Family
Enchanted Iatola   Ariel J & I Wilson & A.C Timbury
Bluegrass Excitations Prissy Polly Mr & Mrs B A Daw & A &   J Wilson
Glanmor Julian   Igloo Glanmor Jerseys
Jubilee Excitation   Ceries James Evans & Alex Hurd
Glanmor Julian Jean Sian Williams
All Britain Junior Cow 
Erie Comercia Candy I Morgan
Sowden Governor   Miranda Fleming Family
Potterswall Sultan Lady Fleming Family
Clandeboye CR   Evita Clandeboye Estate
Clydevalley May   Twinle Hunter Family
Hintonbury Ringmasters   Lyric Oliver Neagle
All Britain Intermediate Cow 
Clydevalley Governor Flora Hunter Family
Glanmor Saber   Angel Glanmor Jerseys
Glanmor Saber   Phlox Glanmor Jerseys
Sunnydawn Iatola   Karina Fleming Family
Hillside Comerca   Leana D & M Holliday
Bluegrass Charlies   Happiest A. & J Wilson
All Britain Senior Cow 
Bluegrass Justwaits Corriander Mr & Mrs B A Daw
Whiteoaks Julian   Nonette D & M Holliday
Clydevalley Julian   Flora Hunter Family
Bluegrass Lovely   Lady A. J. Wilson
Trecanda Vindication   Lily Emma Murrey
Longhill Cresent   Zulu JH & JA Evans
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