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Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET *RC Joins the Excellent 95 Club

She claimed the Grand Champion banner at the New York State Fair this week in Syracuse and was a 2020 All-American Junior Holstein nominee, now Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET *RC has gone and secured herself an Excellent 95 scoring! Congratulations to her owners Currie Holsteins and her breeders Jericho Dairy!

Currie Holsteins Classification Highlights

  • Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET*RC 2E-95, 95-MS (Corvette x 3E-94 Advent)
  • Curr-Vale Apple A La Mode 2E-94, 94-MS (Awesome x 2E-94 Airlift)
  • Pierstein Aftershock Adelle EX-93, 94-MS (Aftershock x 2E-96-CAN Ms Goldwyn Alana-ET)
  • Curr-Vale Brokaw Raina-ET 2E-93, 94-MS (Brokaw x 2E-92 Durham)
  • Curr-Vale Dream Catcher-ET 2E-93, 93-MS (Golden Dreams x 2E-93 Extra Special)
  • Curr-Vale Airlift Envision 2E-92, 91-MS (Airlift x 91 Linjet)
  • Curr-Vale Apples Main Event EX-90, 91-MS (Main Event x Olympian x 92 Shottle from our Apple family)
  • Curr-Vale Awesome Attitude VG-88, EX-MS (Awesome x Beemer from Adeen family)
    VG 2-Year-Olds
  • Curr-Vale Diamond Topaz-TW VG-89, 89-MS (Diamondback x EX Jacoby)
  • Curr-Vale Warrior Panera VG-88-2Y, 88-MS (Warrior x EX-93 Jacoby)
  • Mac-Mara Moovin to Louisana VG-87, 87-MS (Moovin x EX-92 Defiant)
  • Curr-Vale Awesome Addy VG-87-2Y, 87-MS (Awesome x VG-86 Diamonback from Autumn family)
  • Curr-Vale Awe Cherryblossum VG-87-2Y, 86-MS (Awesome x 2E-91 Goldwyn x EX-92 Cherry Coke)
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