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Interest in Polled Holstein Sires Gains Momentum

Commenting on the addition of this dedicated range of bulls, Andrew Holliday, Genetics Manager for Cogent says, “We are experiencing a growing interest in polled genetics from farmers, milk buyers and retailers, and following the latest proof run, we are now able to offer an exciting range of polled bulls that earn their place in any farm flask on their own genetic merit.

We acknowledge the uptake of Polled genetics in the AI industry has been slow as they simply haven’t been able to compete with the mainstream population, but this has now changed with rapid gains in genetic progress. It’s an exciting development within dairy genetics and will have practical benefits on farm as well as supporting a positive welfare image for our industry.”

At £726 PLI, new release sire; Vogue Spicy PP, is the number 2 PLI PP sire available, as well as being the number 2 GTPI sire available at 2649. “Spicy PP comes from a phenomenal cow family and offers an exceptional package including high components (+0.11% Fat and +0.13% Protein), extreme fertility (+13.9) and fantastic mammary systems (+2.02) with added teat length (+0.28). We expect Spicy PP to be extremely popular with a wide selection of customers,” says Andrew. “His ability to only sire polled calves, ticks a lot of boxes for modern farm genetic criteria.”

Wilder Dynamite PP RC has already been one of the most popular young sires at Cogent since his August 2020 release, and he shows no sign of slowing down following the latest proof run. At £719 PLI, Dynamite is the number 3 ranked PP sire in the breed and owes his popularity to his strength (+0.49), teat length (+1.56) and fertility (+8.5). “Dynamite PP is a standout individual,” explains Andrew, “He is a really striking young bull being jet black, extremely square framed and walking on a correct set of feet and legs.”

Two very exciting additions from Canada are Vogue Nipit PP and Vogue A2P2 PP, who both offer incredible pedigrees, great udders and phenomenal production. “Nipit PP is the No.1 GTPI PP sire in the breed, so is no stranger to being in the spotlight and he really compliments the other bulls in the Cogent catalogue, whilst A2P2 PP will please customers looking for strength and width in their cows,” adds Andrew.

“All six of the PP sires in our catalogue are A2A2, come from strong maternal lines and offer a range of outstanding type traits. We can offer this range of bulls with confidence that customers can move to polled genetics, in one generation, without sacrificing genetic progress.

“As a company, we feel it is important to be able to cater for the variety of different farming systems in the UK and our polled line up is no different,” outlines Andrew. “Farm profitability is driven by putting the right type of cows in the right system, and we feel we have something for everyone, including this new range of polled bulls.”

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Source: Stackyard

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