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Indy 500 Winner Also Champions Milk

We know winners drink milk. That’s what the American Dairy Association Indiana says, anyway. But do winners consume two gallons of milk a week? Do they cool down after a workout with chocolate milk?

Josef Newgarden does.

The “Winners Drink Milk” slogan — a marketing campaign promoting the tradition where the winner of the Indy 500 chugs milk in Victory Lane — actually rings true for Newgarden, the winner of the 2023 Indianapolis 500.

Newgarden has worked with the dairy association since January of 2020. It all started when his agent contacted the organization expressing his love for milk and interest in a partnership. Since then, the Indiana dairy association has worked with Newgarden to produce content promoting its farmers and product.

Brooke Williams, the dairy association’s communications director, said being in Victory Lane was more emotional than ever this year.

“It’s just really (to work with) an athlete who just already loves milk, we couldn’t dream that up,” Williams said. “And for him to go on and win the Indy 500 is just to the next level.”

As Newgarden was handed his prize on Sunday — a tall glass of whole milk — he pulled the dairy farmer in as celebration. Williams saw Newgarden look at the milk man and say, “I’ve been on your farm!”

The Indy 500 milk man is Kerry Estes, a first-generation Indiana dairy farmer. Williams said Newgarden had recently visited Estes’ farm and met his family. She said she appreciated seeing Newgarden recognize the farmer during such an overwhelming, exciting moment.

Two years ago, Newgarden and his wife Ashley starred in a satirical video created by the dairy association showcasing his love for milk. He says he got into racing, specifically the Indy 500, because “it was all about the milk.”

Newgarden is shown drinking milk by the gallon, packing it for lunch, leaving it in various glasses around the house and even meditating amongst empty jugs. “It’s normal, right?” Ashley Newgarden asked in the video.

At Sunday’s race, he got to live his dairy dreams. Sure, he won first place in the 107th running of the Indianapolis 500 and earned a $3.666 million chunk of the payout, but he also, finally, could drink his favorite beverage as a winner.

As for the future of his partnership with the American Dairy Association Indiana, Williams said the association is still under contract with him for the coming year and she anticipates the association to continue to work with him in the following years.

“To be able to tell the story (of our dairy farmers) every year in the month of May is really great, but to have somebody like Josef who will continue telling the story even after the win is a dream,” Williams said. “I’m very happy to see what the future holds for us.”

Source: Indianapolis Star

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