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Indian Dairy delegation establishes useful contacts at China World Dairy Expo & Summit 2014

Mumbai: 28th June 2014 -The Indian Dairy delegation of 40 members visited China to study the latest developments in the Dairy and Livestock industries from 10th – 17th June 2014 for 7 days. The delegation included leading dairy professionals of India, members of Indian Dairy Association, Veterinary Experts, Consultants and Dealers of Dairy Equipments. The delegation participated in the World Dairy Expo and Summit 2014 held at Xian City of China and visited Dairy plant and commercial establishments in Shanghai, Beijing and Xian. The delegation was led by Mr. Om Prakash, Director – Inorbit Tours Pvt. Ltd.

World Dairy Expo & Summit 2014 – Xian China China’s leading Expo consisted of 350 exhibitors from 20 countries and visitors from all over the world. The major subjects that were demonstrated in the Expo were; – Cow Cultivation – Farm Facilities – Processing & Packaging – Ingredients – Dairy Products

China has made significant progress in the cattle health and its related fields. Inner Mongolia presented its expertise and achievements in Frozen Semen and Artificial Insemination, whereas Israel presented its mastery in management of large Cattle Farms. The Department of Agriculture Wisconsin USA presented its technology on Cheese and dairy cattle managements. Over 10 Thematic Seminars, Forums on New Products, New Technologies, which covered the whole industry chain was arranged. With various pavilions like Dutch Pavilion, French Pavilion, German Pavilion, New Zealand Pavilion and USA Pavilion showcased their latest products and technologies as big countries in world dairy industry.

The other major demonstration by world renowned Dairy & Livestock companies were in the field of;
• Dairy machinery for optimum productivity and cost effective methods
• Latest packaging by Tetra Pack and other organisations
• Storage Systems
• Chilling Plants and Cold Storage chains including transportation
• Distribution Systems
• Manufacturing of Dairy products, such as; Flavoured milk – Yoghurt – Milk Powder – Cheese – Ice Creams

Participation by Dairy Training Institutes Leading Institutions offered Training Courses for Dairy staff ranging from 1 week to 4 months residential courses. Such courses included dairy & livestock management along with all its branches.

Exclusive meeting with US Department of Agriculture Wisconsin USA The Agriculture department of Wisconsin USA organised an exclusive meeting for the Indian Delegation headed by Ms. Jennifer Lu. Video presentation showed the various services rendered. Many US Exhibitors spoke about their services to the Indian Dairy industry.

Invitation to World Dairy Expo 2014 USA The Indian delegation was invited to the World Dairy Expo 2014 in Madison City of USA (30 Sep – 4 Oct 2014). This expo will include world class Cattle competition which culminates with the naming of the Supreme Champion. Virtual Farm visits and Dairy Forage Seminars will be arranged.

Meeting with AFIMILK Israel’s leading Dairy technology & plant manufacturers A special meeting was organised for Indian delegation by AFIMILK of Israel. Theirs Mr. Daniel Hojman explained about the Cattle managements systems, which can monitor each cow with its complete history such as breeding, milking, pregnancy, productivity, feed and the fat contents of the milk. This system is available for small to large cattle farms upto 10000 cows.

The Indian delegation members found their exclusive meetings with the USA and Israel Dairy Experts very useful and informative. They thanked Mr. Om Prakash for his efforts in organising such value-added meetings.

Visit to China Mengniu Dairy Plant in Beijing The Indian delegation also visited the China’s largest dairy plant “Mengniu” in Beijing. This visit was very educative to study the production of Milk & Yoghurt in its automatic plant.

Indian delegation on China T.V. Mr. Om Prakash, the organisor of the delegation in cooperation with the Organisors of World Dairy Expo 2014 arranged an interview of selective delegation members on China’s T.V. Dr. Gunjal – Dairy Consultant, Mr. Narendra Kumar Gupta – Managing Director PMS Engineering, Delhi and Mr. Om Prakash – Director Inorbit Tours Pvt. Ltd., participated. The full delegation was also shown on China T.V.

The delegation also spared time to participate in the various outstanding Tourism attractions of China, such as; – Climbing on the Great Wall of China in Beijing – Visit to 94th Floor observatory of Shanghai World Financial Tower to see the bird’s eye view of Shanghai. – Evening Cruise on HuangPu River in Shanghai with the spectacular and vibrant lighting of all buildings on both sides of the river. Every member felt “seeing is believing”. – Warriors of Terracotta in Xian – the 8th wonder of the world.

The Indian delegation was served Indian meals throughout their China visit. The members whole-heartedly thanked Mr. Om Prakash, Director – Inorbit Tours for his efforts in value-addition in their visit to China and for sharing his personal vast knowledge about China.

Remarks of some Senior members of Indian delegation:
1. Mr. Om Prakash Punia – refer his visiting card Chairman Jaipur Zilla Dugdh Uptpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Near Gandhi Nagar Railway Station, Jaipur – 302 015, Rajasthan China’s progressive in diary industry is remarkable. Although China is offering its plant & machinery to India and other countries but we could also see German and Denmark’s plants in the China’s Dairy.

2. Mr. Narendra Kumar Gupta Managing Director PMS Engineering IDA House, SECTOR 4 R.K Puram, New Delhi China’s development in dairy industry is outstanding. China’s plants are investment friendly in comparison to European plants.

3. Dr. Sudhir Tambe Member of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra Jaihind Karyalaya New Akole Sangamner- 422605 Dist Ahmednagar (Mah)

India can learn from the achievements of China to improve the life in Indian villages, especially the milk producers and the common men.

I recommend more focused visits should be participated from India. I am highly impressed by the Hygiene Standards and the Public Health Systems.

4. Dr. Bhairavnath Thombare Vice President Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Dairy Cooperatives, Mumbai & Chairman & Managing Director Natural Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd. Sainagar, Rajani, Tq. Kallam, Dist. Osmanabad – 413 528

The China visit has enlightened us not only about China’s developments in Dairy industry, but it has also compelled us to study and adopt the people of China’s commitment in nation building. We are very much impressed by China’s industrial progress, transport systems, the upliftment of the common citizens and their standard of living.

We can provide many recommendations to our civic and administrative authorities to implement success stories of China for the betterment of Indian people. The China tour was highly educative and beneficial not only for dairy industry but for many improvements in the life of Indian people.

5. Dr. Nanasaheb Gunjal Dairy & Poultry Consultant Rahata District, Ahmednagar

All the delegation members were highly impressed by the dairy technology development in China and for the exceptionally good arrangements made by Inorbit Tours for the best of hotels, Indian Food and valuable guidance of Mr. Om Prakash.

More details of this delegation and future delegations can be obtained from Om Prakash – Director, Inorbit Tours Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai – 400 025. Tel: 022 24229281 or email: [email protected]

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