Ideal Classification Round Ferme Pierre Boulet

Ideal Classification Round at Ferme Pierre Boulet

Ferme Pierre Boulet in Montmagny, QC, most recent visit from the classifier resulted in 7 new Excellent cows, 3 multiple EX and 13 new VG 1st lactation. They had an average of 86 points on the Holsteins and 87 points on the Jerseys!

Classification Highlights

  • Pierstein Armani Rock N Roll EX-94-2E.
    This great grand-daughter of ‘Rose’ is 95 points for mammary system, dairy strength and rump!
  • Pierstein Goldwyn Makeright now EX-94-2E
  • Pierstein Fever Rosamyre now EX-2E
  • Pierstein Armani Ramadam now EX-92
  • Desperles Bunny Doorman VG-87-2yr
  • Pierstein Brady Milkshake VG-89
  • Pierstein Doorman Alouette VG-88
  • Pierstein Zeus Bubbaloo VG-88
  • Pierstein Goldwyn Roxalie VG-88

New Excellents

  • Pierstein Damion Jubilee EX-92 (June’s Daughter)
  • Pierstein Dempsey Bonbon EX-91 (Bubblegum’s grand-daughter)
  • Pierstein Aftershock Adele EX (Alana’s daughter)
  • Pierstein Dempsey Damaris EX (7th generation EX)
  • Lyn-Vale Rebekka-Red EX (15th generation EX)
  • Pierstein Sanchez Alanis EX (Alana’s daughter)
  • Pierstein WIndbrook Tinette EX (Tidbit’s daughter-11th generation EX)

Jersey Classification Highlights

  • Genesis Darlin Dakota VG-88
  • Dream-Valley Premier Tatum VG-88
  • Forever Hopeful Spunky Micah VG-87-2yr
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