Humorous campaign aimed remind people love dairy

Humorous campaign aimed to remind people of their love of dairy

Dairy UK and AHDB are running a campaign to remind people of their love of dairy.
The humorous campaign seeks to shift attitudes over time and reinforce the positive values dairy brings to day-to-day life. It began on social media, and now sees advertising at major transport hubs and some retail centres, as well as video on demand during catch up TV. This is a whole industry campaign and the Dairy Market Development Forum is encouraging everyone to get involved.

Dairy UK and AHDB are running a campaign to remind people of their love of dairy photo credit: AHBD

This follows the most extensive research into consumer attitudes in over a decade which looked at the demographics of consumers and why they are or are not choosing dairy.

So what challenges are we facing? The main driver is that while 63% of people declare loving the taste of dairy, the category is being forgotten, with 56% of people not thinking about the products they are consuming day to day at all. Dairy has a great story to tell, on taste, diversity and nutrition, the campaign seeks to remind people to value that quiet, essential part of their diet that is a staple in the majority of the countries’ fridges.

The campaign focuses on a younger audience, this is the group who don’t fully understand the values of dairy and how it fits with their lives – the new faster paced way of cooking and convenience. One of the focus areas is “Hidden Dairy”, what makes a latte great? Why is that granola and yoghurt so tasty? Dairy brings a little bit of wholesomeness into our lives and it’s time to shout about it.

This is where the ‘Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs’ will target its activity, spreading emotive taste messages while reiterating the nutritional value of dairy.

To aid in its mission, the Department has recruited six wholesome and passionate dairy-lovers. The main social outlets for the campaign will be Facebook and Instagram.

We have developed materials to help you get involved. You can now order them from here. You can also find tips, guidance and social media tools.

If you’d like more information about the campaign or find out how you can get involved please email [email protected]


Source: AHDB Dairy

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