Honey-Pine Holsteins successful classification

Honey-Pine Holsteins has a successful classification

Honey-Pine Sanchez Carly-ET is the newest member of the EX-95 club! Honey-Pine Holsteins from Auburndale, Wisconsin were classified on February 16th and it was one they won’t soon forget! Congratulations on this wonderful achievement.

Other successful highlights from their classification round:

VG 2yr Olds
Honey-Pine Sippin Absolute-ET VG 85
Honey-Pine Wind Advisory VG 85
Honey-Pine Durbin Juicy VG 85
Honey-Pine Gold Trinket VG 85
Rob-Cri Doorman Satin VG 85
Honey-Pine Easter Fudge VG 86
Honey-Pine Byway Jaelynn VG 86
Honey-Pine Brady Tipsy VG 86

2nd and 3rd calf VG cows
Miss San Andres VG 86
Esperanza-CC Avalanche Ahead VG 87
Esperanza-CC Dream On VG 87
Juddale Armani Catalina VG 88
Honey-Pine High Fever VG 88
Honey-Pine Shou Me An VG 88
Honey-Pine Absolute Tricky VG 88

New Excellents
Honey-Pine Bwire Bentley-ET EX 90
Honey-Pine Bag of Chips EX 90 (2nd Lactation)
Honey-Pine Braxton Jinx EX 90
Honey-Pine Luck Marley EX 90
Ms Esperanza Shotgun Sadie EX 90

Excellent cows
Legendairy Goldchip Laura EX 90 2E (Gained an E)
Rob-Cri Atwood Mystical EX 91 2E
Rob-Cri Sid Shasta EX 91
Rob-Cri GoldChip Tippy EX 91
Honey-Pine Silhouette EX 91 (second lactation)
Gettinger Apricot EX 93
Honey- Pine Sanchez Carly-ET ( Committee Cow)

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