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Holstein Young Breeders Rally Interest for Big Competitions Weekend

Holstein Young Breeders (HYB) represents the next generation of Holstein breeders and, with its annual Weekend Rally coming up in August, is encouraging keen young farmers to get involved.

An opportunity to learn, compete and socialise with friends, the HYB Weekend Rally is the calendar occasion many young members look forward to most, and the wait is almost over. Hosted this year by the East Midlands Holstein Club, the Weekend Rally will take place Friday 3 rd – Sunday 5 th August 2018 and will involve learning, development and, of course, plenty of fun!

The Rally will be centred around the National Reasoned Stock Judging, Linear Assessment and Field-2-Foto Competitions, alongside workshops, mini-competitions and games. Members can also get their glad rags on for a ceilidh on Friday and black-tie dinner on Saturday.

Miriam Bagley, Events & National HYB Coordinator for Holstein UK, commented, “Today’s youth is the future of British agriculture and holds the key to the success of farming in the 21st century. HYB provides young agricultural enthusiasts with a wide range of activities that promote learning and provide new and
exciting experiences and opportunities to socialise with like-minded people.”

She added, “The Weekend Rally is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the HYB calendar. It is important that our young breeders can get away from their farming lives to enjoy the positivity and passion of their friends and peers. With its diverse range of activities, learning opportunities and chance to meet with friends, members leave the event with valuable knowledge and life-long friendships. Our objective at HYB is to encourage enthusiasm amongst young Holstein breeders and support them as they progress their farming careers and showing skills.”


Provided by: Holstein Young Breeders

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