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Holstein Young Breeders Compete for National Recognition

Holstein Young Breeders (HYB), part of the Holstein UK organisation, aims to elevate and enthuse young, talented stars in the dairy world. Members are aged between 4 and 26 years and represent the next generation of dairy breeders. As part of its programme to educate and teach vital showmanship and stockmanship skills, National Competitions Day will this year take place on the 1st July 2017.

National Competitions Day Holstein UK
Members compete in the National Competitions Day

Taking place at Joseph Heler Farms, Parks Farm, in Cheshire, the event will feature both stock judging and linear assessment competitions. There will be three stock judging classes with all competitors required to give reasons to the master judge on one of the classes. The linear assessment will ask competitors to judge a class of four animals; the judge for this will be one of Holstein UK’s Classifiers.

National Competitions Day is a popular and highly anticipated event amongst members each year, with entry being through regional HYB Club Coordinators; there are 24 active Clubs across the UK. Each Club is able to enter two members for each of the junior, intermediate and senior categories for both the stock judging and linear assessment competitions, plus a reserve for each category.

Once the competitive element of the day is complete, competitors will participate in activities such as seminars, practical workshops, mini competitions, a farm walk and, of course, some socialising! This is all part of the HYB’s objective to develop vital skills in these young dairy enthusiasts, to enhance knowledge and understanding of cattle breeding and management. The event also enables the members to meet, network and make friends with other passionate young Holstein breeders.

Miriam Bagley, Events & National HYB Coordinator for Holstein UK, commented, “The Holstein Young Breeders National Competitions Day is one of the highlights of our calendar. The event brings together many young dairy farmers to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion; every year there is a real sense of positivity among all competitors and we’re always astounded by the level of talent and maturity that our young breeders display. They are fantastic ambassadors for our dairy industry.”

She adds, “We are hoping to spread the word about National Competitions Day and encourage our members to take part in regional Club events to be in the running for representing their Club at national level. HYB is about recognising and rewarding talented and motivated individuals in the dairy industry; today’s youth are the future of British agriculture and we’re here to help and watch them succeed.”


Photo & Press release provided by Holstein UK


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