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Holstein UK Announces All Britain Judging competition winners

Holstein UK has revealed the winners of its inaugural All Britain Judging Competition.

With the number of entries nearing triple figures, leading the field was Shropshire’s James Doherty. Following close behind in second was Ben Yates, also from Shropshire and third place was filled by Richard Armstrong, Cumbria.

Dovetailing Holstein UK’s All Britain Awards, the All Britain Judging Competition allowed applicants to judge each class from first to last place.

Proving a popular and highly successful initiative, the free-to-all competition also attracted international entrants over the contest’s 38-day entry window, which closed on Saturday 8 March.

Frontrunner James Doherty, who placed eight of the 10 winning cows correctly, will receive a Holstein UK jacket and following high demand, the competition will run again next year.

The top 30 participants are listed below:

1. James Doherty

2. Ben Yates

3. Richard Armstrong

4. Elaine Phillips

5. Steven Roan

6. Andrew Lawrie

7. Jonathan Woodhouse

8. Jon Miller

9. James Pratt

10. Tom Jones

11. Willie Fleming

12. Luke Harris

13. Steven Harris

14. David Jones

15. Simon Moseley

16. Neil Eastham

17. Isla Arrell

18. Graham Kirby

19. Tom Peters

20. Gordon Lyle

21. Jim Barr

22. Dermot McCarthy

23. Nicky Bishop

24. Mark Robinson

25. James Robinson

26. Wyn Jones

27. Richard Bostock

28. Frances Griffiths

29. Mark Henry

30. John Matthews

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