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Holstein UK Announce Winners of 2020 Master Breeder Awards

Holstein UK are delighted to be able to bring you some welcome good news during this period of unprecedented uncertainty for the whole of the UK. Today we would like to share with you the fantastic news that a record 19 high-performing herds have surpassed qualification to be named as winners of the 2020 Master Breeder Award.

Master Breeder rewards Holstein members whose herds achieve a high standard in both classification and production and therefore breed productive, trouble-free long living cows that display desirable traits and conformation. Cows and heifers in each herd are allocated points according to set criteria and only animals carrying the member prefix, and which are recorded as having produced a lactation within the last two years, are eligible for inclusion in the calculation. A herd achieving an average score of 4 points or more and a total point score of 150 or more, will qualify the member as a Master Breeder.

The Master Breeder Winners 2020

  • ABERCORN, D J Wallace, County Antrim
  • BENEKNOWLE, P J Andrews, Devon
  • CHEDHUNT, R & K M House & Son, Somerset
  • DEONA, D Johnston & Co, County Londonderry
  • DROINTON, A W Mackellar, Staffordshire
  • EDENORDINARY, H Mitchell & Sons, County Down
  • FORDWICH, W J Kerr, County Antrim
  • GEUFFORDD, Breeze Farms Ltd, Pembrokeshire
  • GLADWAKE, W & P Ives, Hampshire
  • GOITRE, G Benyon Thomas, West Glamorgan
  • HEATHERSGILL, T Graham & Son, Cumbria
  • HUDDLESTONE, Huddlestone Farmers Limited, West Sussex
  • MAESYRAFON, E Evans & Son, Dyfed
  • MILWR, Pierce’s, Cheshire
  • ORMOND, D J & G Davies, Dyfed
  • SHAWDALE, D E & M A Booth, West Yorkshire
  • WILLOFARM, D & G Throne, County Tyrone
  • WILLSBRO, Wills Brothers Limited, Cornwall
  • WOODMARSH, M & J C Gould, Shropshire

Over 120,000 type classifications have been completed in the last 12 months, highlighting the continued popularity of this service as a tool for identifying cows which thrive in modern production systems.  Most classifications are carried out for private farmers, but many are also undertaken on behalf of the AI industry to progeny test UK Holstein sires.

Sue Cope, Chief Executive Officer for Holstein UK, commented: “Congratulations to the 19 herds which have met the qualification standards for this year’s award. The Holstein UK Master Breeder is an important status which carries credibility and desirability. It demonstrates the breeders’ strengths in rearing and progressing cattle to an outstanding standard and offers the herd a level of superior ranking and greater value.”


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