Holstein Journal - Final Edition

Holstein Journal – Final Edition

For 81 years the Holstein Journal has reported on Holstein meetings, shows, auction sales, herd dispersals and events that made Holstein breed history. Our columns also carried feature profiles on the leading Canadian breeders from coast-to-coast and their herds over the past eight decades.

In the media business advertising is our lifeline. In recent years there has been a steady decline in breeding stock sales and embryo sales at both the farm gate and through public auction sales. This trend has had a major impact on the erosion in breeder advertising in the Holstein Journal.

At the same time, we are competing with the internet and social media brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others to communicate activities in the breed and to promote breeding stock and embryos for sale.

We are now crossing the line where the operating expenses are exceeding revenues. This dilemma leaves us with no alternative but to cease publishing the Holstein Journal.

We wish to thank the many loyal breeders and friends who supported the Holstein Journal with their subscriptions and their advertising over many years.

In the meantime, we will continue to maintain our website and conduct the annual All-Canadian contest. Check our website throughout the summer and fall for news, rules and entry forms for the 2019 All-Canadian Holstein and All-Canadian Red & White contests.

Peter English
Holstein Journal

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