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Holstein Champion is 2022 AgriScot Supercow

The AgriScot Dairy Show was held on November 16, 2022 at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Judge Niels Erik Haahr of Anderstrup, Denmark placed high-quality classes of Ayrshires, Jerseys, Holsteins and Red & Whites on his way to selecting the show champions.Stanleycup

The 2022 AgriScot Supercow was the Holstein Champion – Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah, exhibited by Luke Lancaster, Dennis O’Neill and Evening Holsteins.

Scored EX-95-3E, Farrah is eight years old, has had six calves, and is an 8th generation Excellent. A well-known traveller in the show ring in the UK, she was 1st 5-year-old  and HM Grand Champion at the National Holstein Show in 2019. 

Sire: Gillette Stanleycup
Dam: Whinchat Atlas Farrah EX-91
2nd: Whinchat Leadership Farah EX-93-2E
3rd: Whinchat Rudolph Farrah EX-92-2E 9*
4th: Grantchester Prelude Farrah EX-91
5th: Grantchester Designer Farrah EX-94-3E 9*
6th: Grantchester Warden Farrah EX-90 14*

7th: Grantchester Moch Felicia EX-90 11*

Thanks to cowgenes for pedigree info!
Photo credit: Richard Hodgson Photography

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