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Holstein Canada Sets New Registration & Classification Records in 2018

Holstein Canada is pleased to announce that two new records were achieved in Classification and Registration in 2018.

Classifications for all breeds numbered 271,272 cattle last year, an increase of 8,310 animals from the previous record-setting year of 2017. Of the final 2018 number, 254,068 were Holstein cows.

“Record classification numbers are a representation of the producer’s need for functional, problem-free, profitable cows,” says Holstein Canada’s Manager of Classification Services, Brad Eggink. “Functional type does equal profitability.”

Registrations for Holstein cows in 2018 were tallied at 305,143; this was 10,894registrations more than the 2017’s record-setting number of 294,249. Of the registrations invoiced, 95% were submitted electronically.

“Registered Holsteins are the foundation of many valuable services within the dairy industry; registering an animal records lineage and is the point of reference for performance and genetic data,” says Manager of Herdbook and Genotyping Services, Linda Markle. “Thank you to all Holstein dairy producers for registering your animals and contributing to our valued industry.”

In addition to the record set for Holstein registrations and classifications, Holstein Canada is also pleased to have classified 17,204 other breed animals in 2018. This includes Jersey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Canadienne, Guernsey, and Milking Shorthorn animals.

For more information go to www.holstein.ca

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