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Holstein Canada sets new Record for Registrations

Holstein Canada is pleased to announce an all-time new record for animal registrations has been achieved: 280 620 registrations were completed in 2012, representing a 3.3% growth over 2011. We continue to see growth in electronic registrations which now represents 86% of the total. 51% of all registrations are completed by CanWest DHI and Valacta.

Holstein Canada also experienced slight growth in classification services in 2012, classifying a total of 252 842 animals. This represents a growth of 0.7% over 2011 results.

Holstein Canada is extremely proud to work closely with its 10 950 members across Canada to achieve these impressive results. Alain Lajeunesse, Marketing Manager states “Canadian dairy producers, who are true business people, continue to recognize the value of registration and classification services and they know they are getting a return on their investment.”

To back up this statement, Lajeunesse adds “A recent cross-Canada survey completed by nine auction markets confirmed registered Holsteins brought an average market premium of $397 versus similar quality grade animals.” Producers who classify and use the information for genetic progress achieve more milk (+880 kg per lactation) and also have improved longevity (+0.2 lactations). This additional milk production equals a net profit of $343 per cow per year.

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