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Holstein Canada April 2018 Genetic Evaluation Highlights

Holstein Canada April 2018 Genetic Evaluation Highlights: Pro$ enthusiasts will embrace the results of this April release as three newly proven bulls take centre stage with their arrival among the Top 5 Pro$, while also ranking among the Top 15 for LPI. cdnClick HERE to view the Summary Tables for Bulls & Cows

These interesting newcomers include View-Home Day Missouri-ET (Day x Robust) at #3 Pro$ (#11 LPI, #6 Milk, tied #4 Protein), Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET (Mogul x Robust) at #4 Pro$ (#7 LPI) and RH Superman-ET (Supersire x Man-O-Man) at #5 Pro$ (#14 LPI, tied #2 Protein). Realizing a Pro$ increase of $204, Coyne-Farms Jacey CRI-ET (AltaIota x Massey) jumps from #6 position to become the new leader at #1 Pro$ (#5 LPI), forcing the previous leader, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie x Planet) into #2 Pro$ spot (#58 LPI, #1 Milk, tied #7 Protein).

For LPI, Comestar Lautrust regains his #1 LPI status of a year ago (#16 Pro$) and is immediately followed by his maternal brother, Comestar Lineman (#31 Pro$, dam is Comestar Lautamai Man O Man) as well as Larcrest Commander (#10 Pro$, Mogul x Observer), who are tied at #2 LPI this round. Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) also achieves Top 10 status for both indexes, landing at #6 LPI and #8 Pro$ while maintaining his position at #1 Fat. The Top 10 Pro$ list is rounded off by Co-Op Day Tuffenuff-ET at #6 (#64 LPI, Day x Planet), Bacon-Hill Montross-ET at #7 (#57 LPI, tied #7 Protein, Mogul x Bolton) and Silverridge Album at #9 (#19 LPI, Epic x Man-O-Man).

The Top 10 LPI list is completed by Alta Echelon at #4 (#19 Pro$, Robust x Goldwyn), Westenrade AltaSpring at #8 (#21 Pro$, Mogul x Gerard), Ste Odile Oceanic at #9 LPI (#66 Pro$, tied #6 Conformation, Epic x Man-O-Man) and EDG Deman-ET at #10 LPI (#109 Pro$, Mogul x G W Atwood).

A Mix of 12 Interesting Newcomers Hit Top 30 Ranks for LPI and/or Pro$
A total of 114 bulls born in 2012 or 2013 receive their first official domestic LPI this round. On average, the highest of these for either LPI or Pro$ are sons of Supersire (17), Mogul (12) or McCutchen (8) but this round also includes the first group of progeny proven sons for Doorman (7), Mascalese (6), Shan (5) and Shotglass (3). In addition to the group of three newly proven bulls that reach Top 10 status for either Pro$ or LPI, there is another crop of nine newcomers that penetrate the Top 30 list for either index. The highest of these is Alexerin Silverton, who is a Supersire son out of Alexerin OMan 993 that arrives at #11 Pro$ (#303 LPI). He is immediately followed by Mystique Alsace (McCutchen x Gerard) at #12 Pro$ (#40 LPI) while Spruce-Haven Stoic-ET (Epic x Trigger) is not far behind at #14 Pro$ (#27 LPI).

For LPI, it is a maternal brother to Doorman by Sympatico, Blondin Integral, that just misses the Top 10 list as he makes his debut at #11 LPI (#151 Pro$). The next highest newly proven sire for LPI is Spruce-Haven AltaOmega (Hill x Man-O-Man) at #16 LPI (#40 Pro$). Four other new arrivals achieve Top 30 status for either Pro$ or LPI including Synergy AltaParquet-ET (Numero Uno x Planet) that does so for both indexes taking #25 LPI and #26 Pro$ positions this round. The other bulls include ELI023 Masterful (Mogul x Snowman) at #22 Pro$ (#42 LPI), Uecker Supersire Josuper-ET (Supersire x Beacon) at #25 Pro$ (#206 LPI), and Lone-Oak-Acres AltaRoble-ET (Mogul x Observer) at #28 LPI (#107 Pro$), who is a full brother to AltaRabo (#12 LPI, #53 Pro$). Another noteworthy newly proven bull this round is Walnutlawn Solomon (Doorman son out of Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue) as he becomes the new breed leader for Conformation at +16.

Five Newly Indexed Cows Land on Top 10 List for Both GLPI and Pro$
A tidal wave of seven incredible young cows receive their first official GLPI this round to flood the lists of Top 10 for GLPI and Pro$. In fact, all of the five new arrivals among Top 10 Pro$ also enter the Top 10 GLPI list this round. These include two sets of newly indexed full sisters from the Stantons herd, all sired by Delta. One set includes a pair of full sisters who climb to the summit of the Pro$ list as Stantons Bee Desired-ET becomes the new #1 Pro$ cow (#3 GLPI, #9 Fat) with Stantons Bee Daisy-ET makes her appearance in #2 Pro$ position (#5 GLPI). A third full sister, Stantons Bee Delta-ET, debuts at #12 Pro$ (#22 GLPI) while their maternal sister by Supershot, namely Stantons Bee Something-ET, maintains a spot on the Top 10 Pro$ by grabbing #8 spot (#137 GLPI). Their well-known dam is Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET (#17 Pro$, #79 GLPI), who leads the list of dams of cows on the Top 1000 lists for both Pro$ and GLPI with 18 and 17 respectively. The second pair of full sisters penetrating the top Pro$ list with their first official index are Stantons Delta Approved-ET at #5 Pro$ (#7 GLPI) and Stantons Does Appear-ET at #7 Pro$ and #2 GLPI (dam is Stantons Cameo Appearance).

The new #1 GLPI cow is Dudoc Superman Somnanbule, who is a newly indexed Superman daughter out of Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (#14 GLPI, #68 Pro$) that also takes #4 Pro$ spot. A second daughter of Rancune, Dudoc Missouri Malice P*POC also makes an interesting debut at #6 GLPI (#18 Pro$, highest polled cow for both GLPI and Pro$). A third cow with a great start for her first GLPI is Lindenright Superman Moola at #9 GLPI and #23 Pro$ (dam is Lindenright Bradnick Moovin On).

In addition to these outstanding newly indexed cows this round, three others achieve Top 10 status for GLPI and five for Pro$. The previous breed leader for both of these indexes, namely Ri-Val-Re Camaro Nady-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno) stays strong and grabs #3 Pro$ and #4 GLPI this round. Two cows make LPI gains to take a spot on the Top 10 GLPI list as View-Home Drman Wsconsin-ET (maternal sister to the newly proven sire, Missouri) moves from #10 to #8 GLPI (#211 Pro$) and Stantons Spring Jenn-ET jumps from #35 position to take #10 GLPI (#83 Pro$). The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by three cows that all manage to retain this elite status from last round. Two of these are a pair of three-quarter sisters by Supershot, namely Silverridge V Sshot Erynne at #6 Pro$ (#35 GLPI, tied #5 Protein) and Silverridge V Sshot Earring at #10 Pro$ (#109 GLPI, tied #8 Protein). The third is England-Ammon MT Barbara-ET, a Montross daughter out of Richmond-FD S Barbara-ET (maternal sister to Bombero at #20 Pro$ and #23 LPI, leading sire of Top 1000 Pro$ cows), who stays strong moving from #7 to #9 Pro$ (#65 GLPI).

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