Holstein Canada Announces Changes to Show Classes in 2022

Holstein Canada Announces Changes to Show Classes in 2022

After meeting several times over the past year, the Show and Judging Committee is announcing changes to the show classes. Thank you to the exhibitors who provided comments and feedback during the four major shows across Canada in 2021. These have been heard and reviewed by the committee members. The changes will be effective for the 2022 show season.

For the heifer classes, only the name of the classes will change to reflect the season in which the heifer was born. Following numerous requests from the breeders, three young cow classes will be added to ensure the classes remain flexible and aligned with the heifer classes throughout the year. These changes recognize the important evolution of the animals during their first lactation as well as the major changes that occur between the first and second lactation. Major and small shows alike will be able to put classes together easily.

The new classes are in line with current classes on both sides of the border. These changes will improve communication for future improvements.

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