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Holstein Association USA Launches Red Book Plus™ Online

Holstein Association USA launches Red Book Plus™ Online, a web-based bull search and information program. Users can quickly and easily find comprehensive information on Holstein bulls, build and save tailored lists based on criteria that is important to them, and create customized selection indexes to rank bulls.

“One of the most important decisions dairy producers can make in terms of improving their herd genetics is selecting the right bulls to use,” said Lindsey Worden, Holstein Association USA Executive Director of Holstein Genetic Services. “Red Book Plus Online provides modern, flexible and customizable searching and reporting tools to help Holstein breeders find those right bulls to fit their goals. Our program is designed to not just allow users to simply find information, but also help them interpret and understand it. Breeders have been asking for an update to our Red Book Plus software program for some time now, and we are thrilled to make this available today.”

Red Book Plus Online is backed by the power of the Holstein Association USA herdbook – the gold standard in stewarding pedigree, genetic and performance information for Holstein cattle. Users will find complete information on all genetic traits, pedigree information, ancestor and progeny performance information, and more, for over 50,000 bulls, including the thousands of bulls being marketed by artificial insemination companies today.

Video user guide tutorials are available for every aspect of the program, helping new users get acquainted with all the tools and features at their fingertips. Because it is web-based, Red Book Plus Online can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

Anyone with a current subscription to the desktop software version of Red Book Plus/MultiMate™ may create a log-in for no additional fees. Other new users may subscribe to Red Book Plus Online for $99 per year, billed as three payments of $33 at each official genetic evaluation. Access to Red Book Plus Online is an option for those enrolled in Holstein COMPLETE®.

For more information, visit Holstein USA, or contact your Holstein Association USA Regional Sales Representative. Those with an active subscription can visit Breed Holsteins to start using the program today! With questions, contact [email protected] or call 800.952.5200, ext. 4003.

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