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Holland Masters Sale Averages €2.562,50

The Holland Masters Sale is still a house hold name in the International Dairy Scene. This time through the internet it has proven itself to be still a European top sale. With an average of €2.562,50 over 20 lots sold, which the organization was more then happy with. Bidders came from 9 different countries with many ending up in France, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain.

Sale facts
Lots sold:  45 Lots selling – 20 SOLD (44%) € 2.562,50
Avg. price calves / heifers: € 2.636,40
Avg. price embryo’s: € 650 / embryo
Price range: € 800 – € 4.600
Lots sold to: 6 different countries

Topseller Holland Masters Sale 2021: Lot 1. La Portea Sidekick Bianca
Sidekick x All-Dea Black & White EX-93-IT x 8 generations EXCELLENT dams
Sold for 4.600 EUR to a client in the United Kingdom.


Source: Eurogenes

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