Holbric Holsteins Classification Results

Holbric Holsteins Classification Results

Holbric Holsteins in Harvard, IL recently hosted the Holstein classifier with some great results to share, including two new Excellents, four cows receiving additional “E’s” and nine new Very Good 2 Year Olds.

Holbric Holsteins Classification ResultsHighlights included:
Multiple E Cows:
Holbric Mac Fayelyn EX92-3E-DOM, a Mac from an EX91-DOM

Holbric Adventure EX93-3E, an Advent from a VG85 Sabre.

Holbric Bolton Blanket EX92-2E

Holbric Sanchez Comfort EX90-2E, a Sanchez from an EX91 followed by an EX93 Gibson

Added Points:
Holbric Dickey Allyann EX93, a Dickey from an EX91 Arsenio out of a VG89-GMD-DOM Momentum from an EX94-GMD-DOM Enhancer

Holbric Windbrook Bambi EX92, a Windbrook from a VG88 Zenith followed by an EX91 Stormatic

Holbric Destry Pheobe EX91, a Destry from a VG85 Ace

Holbric Elegant Comet VG89 (max), an Elegant from an EX90 Sanchez from an EX91 Roy

New Excellents:
Holbric Windbrook Allstar EX90, a Windbrook from a VG87 Damion followed by an EX94-DOM Leadman, owned with Ava Doner.

Holbric-ML Atwod Dreamsicle EX90, an Atwood from a VG85 Sanchez out of a VG88-DOM Shottle.

Very Good 2 Year Olds
MS Sherona-Hill Riddle-ET  VG87, an Absolute from an EX91 Goldwyn

Sherona-Hill Appleslice-ET VG86, a Destry from a VG88 Dundee daughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX96-3E-DOM.

Holbric Champion Dickey VG 86, a Dickey from an EX90 Roy out of an EX93 Gibson

Trent-Way TK Aba-Rae-Red-ET VG86, an Absolute from an EX93 Goldwyn daughter of Scientific Beauty Rae EX90-DOM, owned by Nate & Gary Janssen.

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