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Heatherstone Housing & Reproductive Services Announces their 2021 Sale

Heatherstone Enterprises has updated their Facebook page with information on their upcoming All-American Heritage at Heatherstone Sale!

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Introducing Heatherstone Housing & Reproductive Services! A new chapter for Heatherstone at their housing facility!

With the slogan “Big Enough To Serve You – Small Enough to Care,” this is very fitting for the services that they are currently offering. Their Dry donors and heifers are housed in a dedicated freestall facility with tile mangers and a state-of-the-art ventilation system. Their new IVF room is conveniently located within the facility. Only homegrown, quality forages are fed to their donors. All rations are prepared by an independent animal nutritionist with over 35 years of experience.

The calf barn has the capacity to house up to 45 calves and is equipped with modern forced air ventilation. All calves are fed pasteurized whole milk and bedded with premium pine shavings. Heatherstone raised calves consistently landed in the top 1 % for growth and development.

Their show animal housing is equipped with six large 21 x21 ft. box stalls and three 1Ox14 ft. pens. Each have a deeply bedded shavings pack, individual fan, and rubber matting on the floor. These girls are ready for viewing at all times!

At Heatherstone, value added recipients are used. All recipients will be registered or sire identified Holstein heifers, all hand-picked by a Heatherstone representative and health tested before arrival.

Adding more value to the unique assortment of services Heatherstone is providing, they also have a CDL licensed driver on staff, two gooseneck trailers and access to a 53 ft. ground load to take care of all your transportation needs, whether across the state or country.

The operation is diversified on a small scale offering both a live calf program and a pregnant recipient program – choose which works best for you!

Past Updates

March 3, 2020: Heatherstone would like to introduce their new reproductive service providers; Lodi Veterinary Care (in partnership with Trans-Ova Genetics), and Thousand Hills Embryo Transfer Service.

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