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Harvestacres Holsteins Classification Highlights

Harvestacres Holsteins from Saint-André-d’Argenteuil, Quebec had a nice visit recently from the classifier.

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation

  • Harvestacre A Bit Mischievous Revisit for VG-87 (Max)
    Beemer x Sanchez Exotic EX-93 x Durham VG-88 2yr x Encore Electra EX-95 x Broker Elegance EX-96. She’s is a sister to 3 of the best heifers we’ve had, (Alert The Media, Runway Model, Breaking News)
  • Harvestacre Bradnick Lindros VG-86
    Bradnick x VG-87 Windbrook x EX-90 Jasper x EX-94 Selbyvale Outside Lindsay
  • Harvestacre Jennifer Lopez (Focus) GP-84
    “Focus” is our barn bull x VG-86 Lauthority x EX-91 Damion x VG-87 Dappledale Champion Jenny (Nom. All-Canadian Sr Calf)
  • Harvestacre Texas Hold Em (Mccutchen) GP-83
  • Harvestacre BC Express GP-83 (Bailey Chen)
  • Harvestacre Focus Las Vegas GP-82
  • Harvestacre Just A Dream (Beemer) GP-82

2nd Lactation

  • Cherry Crest Seaver Melodie VG-87
    13th generation VG or EX
  • Cherry Crest Stroman VG-85
    Meridian x Long-Haven Gold Rochelle EX-92
  • Harvestacre Douglas Casino VG-85
  • Desdion Jacot Neri-Red GP-84

3rd Lactation +

  • Harvestacre Black Tie Affair EX-90
    Doorman x VG-88 Goldwyn x VG-88 2yr x EX-95 Encore x EX-96 Broker Elegance
  • Harvestacre Jasper Libby EX-90-4E
  • Harvestacre Stanley Cup Lane EX-90-2E
  • Harvestacre Goldwyn Pepper EX-90-2E
  • Desdion Doorman Kara VG-87
  • Harvestacre Atwood Laurel GP-83
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