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Hart Dairy Claims the Grand Prize at the Flavor of Georgia

Hart Dairy won the grand prize at the 2022 Flavor of Georgia food contest for their Pasture Raised & Grass Fed 365 Days Per Year Chocolate Whole Milk.

UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean Nick Place, Mandy Schulz and Richard Watson of grand prize winner Hart Dairy, and UGA President Jere W. Morehead. ©University of Georgia.

Hart Dairy is an ethically driven dairy company based in Waynesboro led by Tim Connell and Richard Watson. Their cows are pasture raised, never confined and grass fed 365 days a year. The agribusiness promotes its chocolate milk not only as a treat for the whole family but as a beneficial post-workout drink due to the milk’s protein and carbohydrate content. Hart Dairy promises milk that is better nutritionally, better for the environment and better for the animals.

“We are thrilled to be among so many wonderful finalists. Hart Dairy does what all these companies do — represent the amazing food and agriculture that comes out of the great state of Georgia,” said Mandy Schulz, marketing manager at Hart Dairy. “While our pasture-raised and grass-fed 365 days per year milk is nationwide, it all starts in Georgia, where our farms use regenerative agriculture systems, which are supportive of the environment, and our herd is Certified Humane. It is important that we tell that story.”

Hart Dairy was among 32 finalists narrowed down from 148 entries during the first round of judging on March 11. Judges for the contest include food brokers, grocery buyers and other food experts. Entries are evaluated by category based on their Georgia theme, commercial appeal, taste, innovation and market potential.

“The feedback we received today from vendors, UGA students, alumni and faculty was tremendous,” Schulz said. “Winning is nice too, of course, but really, it is letting everyone know that dairy can be done in a responsible and affordable manner. It’s time to care about your milk.”


Source: University of Georgia

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