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Greenough Family Farms Classification Highlights

Greenough Family Farms from Nova Scotia, Canada added 4 new EX scores to their herd at their recent classification round! 

Allegro Bradnick Emperor EX-91 ©Greenough Family Farms

Current herd classification
9EX(5ME) 23VG 18GP 2G

Classification Highlights

2nd+ Lactation

  • Allegro Uno Ember EX-90 3E
  • Allegro Bradnick Emperor EX-91
  • Allegro Gold Chip Nadia EX-90
  • Allegro Latimer Francine EX-90
  • Cobequid Gold Rush EX-90
  • Allegro Doorman Cinderbella VG-88
  • Allegro Lumineer Lol VG-88
  • Allegro Expander Empire VG-87
  • Allegro Rambo Ability VG-85
  • Allegro Megawatt Cray VG-85
  • Blondin Uno Stevie Wonder VG-85
  • Allegro Golden Dreams Dabbell GP-83

1st Lactation

  • Allegro Victor Meredith VG-85
  • Allegro Lambda Evelyn GP-84
  • Allegro Doorman Triumph GP-83
  • Allegro Abbott Nirvana GP-83
  • Allegro Abbott Desirabell GP-83
  • Allegro Lauthority Margaret GP-83


  • Allegro Bigstar Spotlight VG-86
  • Allegro Revolver Sparkle GP-83
  • It was also great to see Allegro Doorman Bellionaire go VG-85 in her first lactation for Celtic. Bellionaire was sold as a calf almost 2 years ago.
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