Greenlark Farms Classification Report - Cowsmo

Greenlark Farms Classification Report

Greenlark Farms in Pembroke, ON had a visit from the classifier recently, and have some very nice results to report, including an impressive number of multiple ‘E’ cows!

New Excellent:
Greenlark Lindor Jacoby Ex-90 (Jacoby x EX-2E 1* Windbrook)

9 multiple EX (including three 6E cows):
Jacobs Goldwyn Amelya EX-93-6E  (Goldwyn x EX 8* Dundee x EX-92-2E 9* Spirit Valsie)
Greenlark Sid Lucy EX-91-6E  (Sid x EX-91-5E Leduc x EX-92-7E 5* Carlton)
Greenlark Windbrook Luxor EX-92-6E (Windbrook x EX-95-4E 4* Goldwyn)
Greenlark Amber Rose EX-92-2E EX-95-MS (Doorman x EX-94-5E Sanchez x EX-92-3E 3* Goldwyn)
Greenlark Control Laura EX-92-2E (Control x EX-95-4E 4* Goldwyn)
Greenlark Control Lila EX-90-2E (Control x EX-95-4E 4* Goldwyn)
Greenlark Doorman Spooky EX-91-2E (Doorman x EX-91-2E 3* Sovereign)
Greenlark Doorman Lily EX-90-2E (Doorman x EX-95-4E 4* Goldwyn)
Greenlark Smokin Shady EX-90-3E (Smokin x EX-91-2E 3* Sovereign)

4 first calvers averaged 83.3 points including:
Greenlark Alligator Lacy VG-85 (Alligator x EX-2E Sid, then four more EX dams)
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