Great results Talsma Farms Inc.

Great results at Talsma Farms Inc.

Talsma Farms Inc., had plenty to be thankful for after their recent classification round!

Classification Highlights


  • Hatchley Eric Bailee VG-85

Second Lactation

  • Hatchley High Octane Elesha VG-88 (90R,86MS,87DS,88F+L)
  • Hatchley Cinderdoor Loretta VG-87
  • Hatchley Brinks Dusty VG-87
  • Branch Marlene VG-87
  • Hatchley High Octane Tori VG-86
  • Hatchley Jungle Erin VG-85

Third Lactation

  • Hatchley Lionel Cynthia EX-90

Fourth Lactation Plus

  • Hatchley Bonucci Sammy VG-88
  • Vittek Judith VG-87
  • Hatchley Dante Brandy VG-87
  • Hatchley Libero Terri VG-87
  • Hatchley Lavangaurd Lola VG-88
  • Hatchley Wizard VG-88 (7th Lac)
  • Hatchley Rosder Odette EX-90 2E
  • Maritime Aky Ex-92 3E
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