Great Classification round books VC-Langelands

Great Classification round in the books for VC-Langelands

Holstein Canada Classifier Chris DeKlein, recently made his round to VC-Langelands and the day resulted in a great classification round! Their herd scoring consisted of 13 EX, 17 VG and 1 GP, averaging 88.03 points!

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation
L Meridian Melissa GP-82 (84 MS)
L Cleaveland Moonshine VG-85 (86 MS)
VCL Solomon Kahlua VG-85
Culloden Colton Paris VG-86
L Lennon Maple VG-87

2nd Lactation
Culloden Colton Passion VG-87
L Doorman Matrix VG-87
L Sammy Moon VG-88 (89 MS)

3rd Lactation +
Culloden Colton Lavish VG-88
L Numero Uno Meadow EX-90
L Steady Prim EX-90 (91 MS)
Culloden Colton Summer EX-90
VCL Sanflan Ribbon Ex-90
Culloden Cav Peep’s Peek-A-Boo EX-93-2E

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