Great classification round Ronbeth Holsteins

Great classification round at Ronbeth Holsteins

The classifier made their way over to Ronbeth Holsteins from Hastings, ON last week. The visit resulted in some great results!

Million EX 5E x Talent EX 92 2E 3* 5th generation EX. Photo credit Ronbeth Holsteins.

Classification Highlights:

2 year olds

  • Millenium Eva VG 86
  • Beemer Elly VG 85
  • Goldchip Dolly GP 83

2nd lactation

  • Windbrook Salene VG 85

3rd lactation

  • Observer Sarika EX 90
  • Bradnick Electra EX 90
  • Overtime Saint P VG 87

Multiple Excellents

  • Windbrook Presta EX 2E
  • Windbrook Lena EX 91 2E
  • Sid Saskia EX 91 3E
  • Braxton Peony EX 92 3E
  • Million Deva EX 5E
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