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Great Classification round at Chris-Adie Holsteins

Chris-Adie Holsteins from Regina, Saskatchewan had a great round with the classifier yesterday which included Chris-Adie Mr Burns Lola Ex90 receiving her 6th multiple Excellent!

Herd Stats

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation

  • Chris-Adie Brewmaster Marla VG86
  • Chris-Adie Dempsey Becky VG86
  • Chris-Adie Mccutchen McDavid VG85
  • Pol Butte Callen Blondie VG85
  • Chris-Adie Doorman Sally VG85
  • Chris-Adie Tonka Breann GP84
  • Pol Butte 1stGrade Girly GP84
  • Chris-Adie Control Jagr GP83
  • Chris-Adie Caliber Dot GP83
  • Chris-Adie Light My Fire Kessel GP83
  • Chris-Adie Control Eakin GP82
  • Chris-Adie Brewmaster Missy GP82-1yr

2nd Lactation

  • Chris-Adie Atwood Bailey VG88

3rd Lactation

  • Chris-Adie Millennium Dancer Ex90
  • Chris-Adie Aaron Jinx Ex90
  • Mil-En-Roy Atwood Gloria Ex90
  • Ms Apple C Apricot Ex90 (Destry Sister to Avalanche)
  • Chris-Adie Brawler Athena VG87

Multiple E

  • Chris-Adie Mr Burns Lola Ex90-6E
  • Chris-Adie Aftershock Emily Ex90-2E
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