Great Classification Results Hendercroft Holsteins

Great Classification Results at Hendercroft Holsteins

The classifier visited Hendercroft Holsteins in Ottawa, ON last week and they finished the day off with some great results! Hendercroft Lheros Gumball received her 14th and 15th Excellent daughters, along with a 94 point Grand daughter!

Classification Highlights

Hendercroft Atwood Bublicious now EX 94 3E. Photo credit: Hendercroft Holsteins

1st Lactation

  • Hendercroft Solomon Salsa VG 85
  • Bartonaleigh GD Albany VG 85
  • Timcon Sid Swanson VG 85

2nd Lactation

  • Hendercroft Goldchip Gooey VG 88
    (Goldchip x EX 90 4E Jasper x Gumball)
  • Hendercroft Raleigh Jenn VG 86
  • Timcon Atwood Milwaukee VG 87


  • Hendercroft Atwood BigLeague EX 91 (Daughter of Gumball, had 68kgs for DHI)
  • Hendercroft Windbrook Gummybear EX 91
    (Daughter of Gumball, 60kgs for DHI)
  • Hendercroft Atwood Bublicious EX 94 3E
    ( Atwood x EX Dundee x Gumball)
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