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Great classification day at Walkhavern Farms

Walkhavern Farms from Stayner, Ontario had a great day with the Classifier last week!

Classification Highlights

Beckholm Control Joyful VG-86 Photo credit: Walkhavern Farm

2 year olds

  • Beckholm Control Joyful VG-86
  • Walkhavern Willpower Shelby VG-85
  • Walkhavern Dempsey Zoelle VG-85
  • Walkhavern Monterey Sonja GP-83

Other VG

  • Walkhavern Wickham Sweet Dream VG-88
  • Fishervale Unix Alimony VG-88
  • Raybrook M D Revival VG-88
  • Walkhavern Atwood Zizi VG-88
  • Sjendi SG Eve VG-88
  • Walkhavern Darrow Majesty VG-87
  • Walkhavern Número Uno Roz VG-87
  • Walkhavern Doorman Mocha VG-86
  • Walkhavern Dempsey Jube Jube VG-85
  • Walkhavern Mccutchen Katherine VG-85
  • Walkhavern Dempsey Goldie VG-85

Multiple EX

  • Walkhavern Dempsey Alana EX-92 2E
  • Walkhavern Fever Georgia EX-90 2E
  • Alcoma Carnival Mary EX-90 2E

New Excellent’s

  • Weavers 5G Diamond EX-90
  • Walkhavern Fever Elexis EX-90
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