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Grand-View Ayrshires has a ‘Grand’ Classification Day

Grand-View Burdette Cheers EX-94 EX-95udder ©Grand-View Ayrshires

Grand-View Ayrshires in Wisconsin had a pretty spectacular day with their recent classification results! A highlight definitely worth noting is Grand-View Burdette Cheers who scored EX-94 MAX with an EX-95 udder! Cheers hails from the same cow family as ‘Calimero.’

Classification Highlights

  • Grand-View Riggins DewDew EX-93-3E EX-94 udder
  • Grand-View Burdette Rita EX-92 now 4E
  • Grand-View HP Calimero Dane-ET EX-94
    backed by 9 generations EX, now 4E her breakdowns are 93 97 93 94 95
  • Grand-View Masterpiece Dae Ex-91-2E
    9 generations EX
  • Kellcrest Astroid-ET EX-91-2E
  • Grand-View Burdette Roses EX-90
  • Grand-View Dempsey Ray EX-91 EX-91 udder
  • Grand-View Predator Deluge EX-90
    10 generations EX
  • Old-Bankston GVA Midas Prudence-ET VG-88 EX-90
    Dam Paleo EX-93 Gr. Dam Polkie EX-96
  • Bavaroise Dreamer Ashlyn-ET VG-88
    Dam Lombard Dale Wilton Icing EX-96
  • Grand-View B-King Bolo VG-88 1st lactation
    Potential 8 generations EX out of Blue EX-91-5E
  • Grand-View DW Reina VG-85 1st lactation
  • Grand-View Gentleman District VG-87
    Potential 9 generations EX out of Disco EX-91
  • Grand-View Reagan Berries VG-87
    Potential 9 generations EX out of Blackberry EX-93
  • Grand-View Rondo Dallis VG-88
  • Grand-View Predator Dollar-ET VG-87 EX-92 udder
    potential 9 generations EX out of Dreamer EX-94-5E
  • Grand-View Famous Brew VG-85
    Famous (Hunnington) is fresh 2 weeks in her 1st lactation. She is out of Burdette Brandi EX-91 EX-92 udder and grand dam Wilton Bri EX-94
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