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Grand-View Ayrshire Classification Highlights

An exciting classification round at Grand-View Ayrshire’s, which included Grand-View Benevola Dawn going EX-92 4E, which now completes 8 generations of Excellent! 

Grand-View Dreamer Davy-ET EX-92 EX-92MS
©Grand-View Ayrshires

Classification Highlights

Grand-View Benevola Dawn EX-92-4E 8 generations EX

Her daughters:

  • Grand-View Masterpiece Dae EX-90
  • Grand-View Dempsey DottoDot EX-91 EX-91 udder
  • Hawksfield GVA Pardner Blue-ET EX-91-5E
    ‘Blue’s’ daughter: Grand-View Reagan Bluefinn VG-85 (first lactation)
  • Grand-View HP Calimero Dane-ET EX-94 now 2E EX-97 dairy quality
  • Grand-View Burdette Cheers EX-93 EX-93 udder (same cow family as Calimero)
  • Grand-View Riggins Daz-ET EX-91 EX-92 udder (9 generations EX Dreamer EX-94-5E daughter)
  • Grand-View Dreamer Davy-ET EX-92 EX-92 udder (9 generations EX Divot EX-94 daughter)
  • Grand-View Burdette Dixie-ET EX-91-2E (Dreamer daughter)
  • Grand-View HP Burdette Drea-ET EX-90 now 2E EX-92 udder (Dreamer daughter)
  • Grand-View Predator Deluge VG-88 EX-90 udder (potential 10 generation EX daughter of Debra EX-91)
  • Grand-View Jamison Deevap P VG-85 (polled potential 10 generation EX Divot grand-daughter)
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