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Gorbro Holsteins Classification Highlights

Twenty five cows were scored at Gorbro Holsteins recently and the day’s results were excellent!

Avonlea-YF Doorman Connie EX-91 © Gorbro

Classification Highlights
6th Lactation

  • Glenorleigh Lazer Poppy EX91 4E

5th Lactation Cows

  • Avonlea Reginald Fan EX93 1E
  • Hatali Medallion Cherry EX93 3E (Owned with Alexz Crawford)
  • Gorbro Heavenly Shimmer EX92 3E
  • Horizon Windbrook Leyla EX91 2E

4th Lactation Cows

  • Avonlea-YF Doorman Connie EX91 1E
  • Avonlea Lady Ruby EX91 1E
  • Gorbro Damion Ro Kassie EX90 1E

3rd Lactation Cows

  • Murribrook Reginald Victory EX91 owned with Avonlea Holsteins
  • Murribrook Savior Violet EX90
  • Avonlea Doorman Ritzy VG89
  • Gorbro Archsandup Shimmer VG89

2nd Lactation Cows

  • Gorbro Solomon Palmer VG88
  • Eclipse A1 Crush Princess IV VG88 owned with Nick Flanagan
  • Gorbro Ericgill Tiffany VG87
  • Gorbro Crush AP Shimmer VG87
  • Gorbro Unlock Z Doorman VG86
  • Gorbro Solomon O Shimmer VG86
  • Fleyas Golden dreams Cherry VG86

1st Lactation Cows

  • Gorbro Tatoo of shimmer VG86
  • Mario Park Sidekick Alicia VG86
  • Gorbro Undernied Unbelievable VG86
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