Goldenflo Holsteins scores 6 new Excellent cows

Goldenflo Holsteins showcasing their best at the Atlantic Summer Classic

Goldenflo Holsteins is all dialed in and ready for the Atlantic Summer Classic that is taking place today! Best of luck!

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Past Updates

July 29, 2019: Goldenflo Holsteins took in the 2019 PEI Premier Heifer Show and came home with the Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Banners! They have updated their Facebook page with more show results and photos capturing their success at a great show!

April 20, 2019: Goldenflo Holsteins is gearing up for the National Holstein Convention Show! Idee Goldwyn Lottery VG-87 2* daughters will be making up over 1/2 their show string this year! Best of luck at the Show!

January 23, 2019: Goldenflo Holsteins has had a successful classification round! They received the most new excellent cows on the farm in one round, a VG89 2nd calver, and they had their first ever EX7E Cow!

Highlights include:

6 VG 2Y
15 VG 2nd lact+
9 New Excellents
6 Multiple Excellents
Herd Total: 36 EX, 74VG, 25GP

Full results:
1st Lact
G. Avalanche Peepshow VG87
G. Ladd P Pricey VG86
G. Solomon Paintball VG
G. Lumineer Pie VG
G. Dempsey Peaches VG
G. Hi Oct Laser Printer VG
G. Avalanche Pittsburg GP84
G. Avalanche Palace GP84
G. Megawatt Promotion GP84
Plus 10 more GP heifers, [email protected]

2nd Lact
G. Reginald Nightcap VG89 Max Score (pic)
G. High Octane Nibs VG88
G. Elude Nosedive VG87
G. Dempsey Nike VG87
G. Dauntless Nifty VG86
G. Mario Nurse VG86
G. Goldsun Neptune VG86
G. McCutchen Negotiate VG86
G. Millennium Nano VG86
G. Goldchip Noisy VG86
G. Octane Nutcracker VG
G. Aftershock Nobel VG
G. Elude Ninja VG
G. Goldchip Nevada VG

3rd Lact+
G. LOL Mandy EX92
G. Attorney Milk Way EX91
G. Goldsun Messiah EX
G. Aftershock Mission EX
G. Goldchip Music EX
G. Goldchip Music Box EX
G. Daryl Mingle EX
G. Fever Lacklustre EX
G. Aftersh Livestrong EX
G. Airintake Maureen VG88

Multiple Excellents
G. Aftershock Lioness EX2E
G. Lauthorit Laughable EX2E
G. Windbrook Krackel EX2E
G. Zelgadis Kennedy EX91-2E
G. Damion Holycow EX4E
G. Blitz Funny Bone EX7E

January 7, 2019: Goldenflo Holsteins has posted information on their Facebook page for the Young leaders 2019 National Holstein Convention which will be held in Prince Edward Island on April 24-27th, 2019.

January 27, 2018: Goldenflo Holsteins, PEI, had a recent visit from the classifier with some very exciting results! Highlights include a VG-89 point 2nd calver, 11 VG 2yr olds and 6 EX cows.

VG 2yr. Olds
Goldenflo Goldchip Phony VG 86
Goldenflo Solomon Nonstop VG 86
Goldenflo Doorman Neon VG 86
Goldenflo Dempsey Nike VG 86
Goldenflo Octane Nitric Oxide VG 85
Goldenflo Goldchip Necessity VG 85
Goldenflo Doorman Nixon VG 85
Goldenflo Elude Nosedive VG 85
Goldenflo Endure Nevertheless VG 85
Goldenflo Door Name of the Game VG 85
Goldenflo Doorman Nonsense VG 85
***5 other 2 yr olds @ GP 84***

2nd Lactation+ Highlights
Goldenflo Durbin Mickey VG 89
***9 others @ VG 87/88 ***

Goldenflo Windbrook Krackel EX 92
Goldenflo Aftershock Lightning EX 91
Goldenflo Aftershock Lioness EX 91
Goldenflo Calendar Leslie EX 90
Goldenflo Zelgadis Kennedy EX 90
Goldenflo Windbrook Josh EX 90
Goldenflo Atwood Jeramiah EX 92-2E
Goldenflo Dempsey Klassy EX 90-2E
Goldenflo Atwood Kiwi EX 90-2E
Goldenflo Damion Holycow EX 90-3E

Highlights from the neighbours:
@ Eastriver
Goldenflo Motion Lightyear VG 88 2nd calf
Goldenflo Windhammer Kristine EX-93

Goldenflo Goldchip Lemondrops VG 88 2nd Calf

Herd Totals:
29 EX 80VG 24GP

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